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Going Green - Eco-Freindly At Greenwood Villa, Pinelands

The Worm Factory, Recycling and frequent pickings from the vegetable garden

Doing Our Thing for the Environment At Greenwood Villa we strive to help minimize waste and reduce our overall impact on the Earth. All the scraps from our breakfast table except for acidic fruit and meat are given to the worms that live in our Worm Factory. As landfills continue to grow, recycling and composting is becoming more important to the individual. With traditional compost piles, the process could take up to two years. With worm composting, the same process takes months. Worm composting is a great way to turn kitchen scraps, junk mail and cardboard into high quality, nutrient-rich, dark compost material to your plants, lawns and gardens at a faster rate.

No matter where you live, you can recycle year round with the Worm Factory.

What is The Worm Factory and how does it work?

The Worm Factory is a multi-tray worm composter that helps manage the composting process. Fill each stacking tray with food scraps, junk mail and other household and garden waste. Worms start in the bottom tray and migrate upward as they break down the waste. This allows worms to separate themselves from the finished compost making it easy to add nutrient-rich fertilizer to plants and gardens without sorting worms. Additionally, nutrient-rich moisture is captured in the collection tray and can be drained as liquid fertilizer known as "worm tea".

What is worm composting and why is it beneficial?

Adding worms to your compost pile helps speed up the composting process as worms continually eat through the waste. Worm composting also allows you to create your own compost. Worm castings and "worm tea" can be expensive. By making your own, you can have a continuous supply of nutrient-rich compost at a low cost.

What are the benefits of using The Worm Factory?

The Worm Factory is Compact: With its square design and having the smallest footprint of all the worm composters, The Worm Factory works well for anyone with space limitations. The Worm Factory uses a tray stacking system which allows it to hold the largest capacity of compost in the smallest amount of space.

The Worm Factory is Odourless: The ventilation lid allows proper air flow and the instruction manual helps you manage The Worm Factory correctly to prevent odour. This means that The Worm Factory can be used year round and can be housed anywhere including apartments, kitchens, garages, porches, etc.

The Worm Factory is Easy to Manage: The 16 page instruction manual makes the setup process fast and easy and gives detailed instructions on how manage the bin year round. Each tray holds 12.5lbs of compost which makes lifting and arranging trays effortless. The ventilation lid also contains a list of composting tips for quick reference.

The Worm Factory Saves Time: Let The Worm Factory do the work for you! Instead of spending time turning piles of compost yourself and removing worms by hand, the multi-tray system separates the worms from the compost so you don't have to. Also, because the worms continually eat through your kitchen scraps and junk mail, nutrient-rich compost is produced at a faster rate than traditional ways of composting.